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Online Coaching

Increase your aerobic capacity with top notch endurance training. Whether your goal is to improve on your mile, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon or Full Marathon, you will not be let down. I conduct event specific training to help you reach your desired goals.

Currently, I charge $150 a month for online coaching which includes weekly workouts, advice and some strength training. I use a periodization philosophy which incorporates 4 phases: base, pre-competition, competition and peak. Each training cycle is specific to the athletes goal and is individually based on their abilities. My schedules and workouts are always tentative and may be modified depending on how the athlete feels throughout the week. Adequate communication between athlete-coach is essential with this type of system. Workouts are sent every Sunday though the VDOT application where both the athlete and I can analyze their performances. The athlete will have unlimited access to me (via email, text or cell) to discuss training, racing, strategy and to answer any questions that they may have.

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Meet Our Runners

ADrenaline Running

Sabrina Houston.jpg

Sabrina De La Cruz

Angel City Elite


Grace Gonzales

Angel City Elite

Andrea Houston_edited.jpg

Andrea Guerra

Angel City Elite

Moi 2_edited.jpg

Moises Marquez

Valor Track Club


Gerardo Salazar

Valor Track Club


Amaya Torres


Gilbert Perez_edited.jpg

Gil Perez

Cyclone Harriers


Juan Zuniga

Good Vibes Track Club

Coaching: Meet the Team
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