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An Insight Into Our Wide Range of Services

At De La Cruz Chiropractic, our team of healthcare professionals provide patients with the best quality services for all their medical needs. We believe in understanding the root of each patient’s health concerns through a carefully systematic and personalized approach. We aim to minimize confusion by providing straightforward information regarding diagnosis and treatment.

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Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are aimed at increasing motion at specific joints that are not moving properly. Often accompanied with a popping sound, these adjustments tend to decrease pain, increase joint motion and release endorphins that leaves you feeling great!

Graston Technique 

Soft tissue injuries can be debilitating and frustrating. Graston Technique® (GT) therapy is successful in effectively treating all soft tissue conditions, whether they are chronic, acute or post-surgical. GT therapy can help you enjoy life again. Our unique technique and instruments enable the treatment of scar tissue and fascial restrictions during rehabilitation that allows for faster rehabilitation and with greater success when the goal is restoring range of motion, eliminating pain, and restoring normal function

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Cupping creates a negative pressure on the surface of your skin which creates a suction effect on the top layers of your skin. This suction effect increases blood circulation, speeds up muscle recovery and helps relax tight muscles.

Myofascial Release Technique

This form of pin-and-stretch technique was designed to treat acute and chronic muscle aches, pains and stiffness by increasing blood circulation of the injured region and increasing it's range of motion.

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Joint Mobilization

A joint is a structure that allows your bones to move around each other. There are certain conditions, like frozen shoulder, that prevents these joints from moving the way that they are supposed to. Joint mobilizations will gently return these joints to their normal ranges of motion and will often be accompanied with rehab and therapeutic exercises.

Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Exercise

It is very important to strengthen the structures of your body that are involved in an injury to prevent these injuries from occurring again and to return yourself back to original functionality. Your body is meant to move and these exercises will help you conquer your daily tasks.

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Kinesio-taping, or KT taping, has been used for many years in the sporting community to keep athletes competing at a high level. It's concept is that, when applied, it has a microscopic lifting effect underneath the skin and between muscles to allow by-products created by inflammation to be removed quickly and allow injuries to heal more rapidly.

Distance Running Coaching

Founder of ADrenaline Running, Dr. De La Cruz creates individualized programs for distances runners of all abilities. He coaches marathon runners who have qualified for the 2020 USA Olympic Marathon Trials to runners looking to complete their first marathon. In addition to ADrenaline Running, Dr. De La Cruz continues to run competitively himself and also coached the Cal State LA Men's and Woman's Cross Country and Distance teams.


Please contact us for additional information about our special services.

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