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First Visit

What to expect:

When you arrive to our clinic, we have an above ground parking lot that is adjacent to our building. We will give you a parking token when you arrive, so parking will be free. Once in our office, one of our fabulous staff members will get you set up with paperwork and can answer any questions that you may have regarding insurance. When you are finished with your paperwork, return the IPad to one of the staff members and they will inform Dr. De La Cruz so he can review your paperwork. Dr. De La Cruz will call you back to his office once he is finished reviewing your information.

During the visit, Dr. De La Cruz will chat with you regarding your pain, discomfort and quality of life. Once he gets a better idea of the history of your condition, Dr. De La Cruz will perform a series of orthopedic and neurological tests to get a better understanding of what structures may be involved. If imaging is needed, X-rays are done in-office at an additional cost and other forms of imaging (MRI, CTs, Diagnostic Ultrasound, DEXA scans) are referred out. At the conclusion of these tests, Dr. De La Cruz will analyze the results and arrive at a diagnosis.

Dr. De La Cruz will then report his finding to you and inform you of your diagnosis, how you may have gotten your diagnosis, what is making it worse and what you can do to make it better. He will provide you with many treatment options that may be able to help alleviate your pain and how he plans on managing it.

After all your questions have been answered, Dr. De La Cruz will begin treatment to return you back to health.

First Visit: About Us
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