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Running Routes


Check out these local running routes and use the Strava app to follow it during your run!

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Griffith Park (Los Angeles)

Start at the Ponies

Horse trail first 8 miles and the last mile on the road back to the ponies. Can add addition 0.7 of a mile to make it a 10 mile run.

Start at the Ponies

5 miles out on the bike path and 5 miles back. Watch out for cyclist and vehicles. All Road

Park at the Merry-Go-Round parking lot.

This route is mostly dirt with some sections that are paved. It's majority an incline on the way to the Hollywood sign and decline on the way back. The route is entirely on fire road so make sure you do not veer off onto a single track trail.
There is a water fountain near 2.5 miles when you get onto the pavement the first time.

4.5 miles from Ponies, around golf course, and back.

Start at Ponies

Start from Pony Rides. Once you get to the golf course can you run clockwise or counterclockwise and run back when you complete the loop.
You can add 2.5 miles if you do an extra loop to make it into a 7 mile run!

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Rose Bowl (Pasadena)

Start at the Aquatics Center.

Run north on the east side of the road bowl and cross Washington Blvd. Continue north until you get onto a trail path. This will take you towards devils gate reservoir. Continue north towards JPL and you'll find the route that leads up Brown Mt.
Be careful of mountain bikers.
You can also turn back early to make it into a shorter run or continue out a little more to make it into a longer run.

Start at Aquatics Center

Start at the Aquatics Center and run towards the rose bowl. Once you get to the main road, cross the street and you can run clockwise or counterclockwise. once you complete the loop, return to aquatics center. You may have to run a little extra to get to 4 miles total.
Add 3.1 miles by running an extra loop to make it 7 miles total!

Start near Aquatics Center

This route is mostly dirt on the way up and on the way down. It's perfect for recovery runs and if you want to get away from the crowds around the bowl. You can run this loop multiple times to make it even a longer run.

Rose Bowl Aquatics Center

This is a paved 1,000 meter loop that is perfect for walks, short runs, speed workouts and 1k repeats!
Mix it up with this great loop and test your speed with some repeats. There is a slight incline going north but you'll enjoy the slight decline on the way back down.

Start at south end of Rose Bowl

Dirt loop around the rose bowl. Can be down multiple times for a longer run.

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Legg Lake (El Monte)

1 mile loop for Mile Repeats

Parking lot near Santa Anita Ave

Start near the parking lot next to the fork in the trail.
Use this loop for specific workouts like Mile Repeats or as a Warm up/Cool Down. Do two loops to make it into a 2 mile loop!

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Harmon Park (South Pasadena)

9 miles from Harmon Park to Rose Bowl

Harmon Park on Marmion Way

Start at Harmon Park on Marmion Way and run north alongside arroyo seco golf course. this will take you to arroyo park and you can continue along the dirt path through the lower Arroyo Park and up to the Rose Bowl.
Turn at 4.5 miles and run back in the opposite direction. You can make this run longer by running a little further out or make it into an 11 mile run by running around the rose bowl before heading back to Harmon Park.

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Elysian Park (Los Angeles)

Elysian Park Dr. off of Stadium Way

Start on Elysian Park Dr. off of Stadium Way. This route starts out on the road and quickly makes its way to a dirt fire road. This is a hilly 2.35 mile run that can get rocky and pretty steep at some points so be cautious.
You can repeat the loop to make it an even longer run!

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Almasor Park (Alhambra)

~1k loop (0.6m) around Almansor Park in Alhambra

Parking lot near Almator St

This 1k loop can be done multiple times to add up to how ever long you want to go. This route is on a rubber track type surface and can get populated with walkers so we wary if you are trying to go fast.
This route is best for walks, jogs and easy runs.

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Santa Monica

Park along Montana Ave and begin your run on the dirt path that is parallel to Ocean Ave.

Run roughly 1 mile to the Pier and turn back towards Montana Ave. Be sure to stop by the restrooms on ocean Blvd because you wont find any once you start going north on San Vicente.
Once you get to Montana Ave (where you began), Continue running until you get to San Vicente. You can run in the center on the grass or on the side walk of either side. Once you get to the Golf Course (Brentwood), run two loops before heading back down towards Ocean and Montana Ave. Two loops will get you 12 miles total.
You can add extra loops to make it an even longer run. A loop is roughly 2.1 miles

Run Routes: List
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